About Us

Al Jaber Optical, established in the year 1982, is a popular eyewear company in the UAE. With over 59 shops, the company, which is founded by Al Jaber Group, is present in all leading shopping malls and important business centres.

Al Jaber Optical also offers an online shopping cart that assures fast delivery of products within the UAE and has a mobile shop that offers the same kind of service as that of their physical shop.

Our company has an extensive range of eyewear products from top brands such as eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses, etc. which are on offer online.
With our in-house team of optometrists and advanced labs, we offer eye care services like vision testing and prescriptions. Our company also serves as a trusted optician for conducting driving license eye tests.
Helping our customers make the right decision, and making it easy to find the pair you love, that's what we do.